💎 Damanhurian Prayer Stones

The Damanhurian Prayer Stones were created to combine the properties of minerals with the archetypal meanings of the symbols in the Sacred Damanhurian language.
Sacred Language is a form of language introduced by Falco Tarassaco - founder and spiritual guide of Damanhur - based on phonetic, ideogrammatic and movement language.
According to Falco's teaching, it is a language dating back to an era in which humanity was the master of all the profound meanings and values of existence.
Wearing these symbols and their respective meanings helps to direct thoughts and actions in the desired direction, brings awareness and clarity, attracts synchronic events important for spiritual growth.
Thanks to my initiatic journey in Damanhur I learned a lot about the esoteric meanings of this Sacred Language and I use it to express spirituality through art.
Damanhurian Prayer Stones are prepared according to the frequency of those who are going to possess them and sent for free in 48 hours.