Terms of service

How to place an order

Once the products to be ordered have been chosen, it will be sufficient to proceed with the guided order procedure through the virtual cart.

Our services support the Cards of most payment circuits, including cards credit, debit, PayPal.

Cobra Alloro has an SSL certificate that guarantees secure transactions and payments using encryption to protect the transfer of sensitive data and information.

Any order received cannot be considered automatically accepted. The confirmation of acceptance or refusal will be sent when the order is updated, together with the processing times in case of acceptance or the reasons for refusal.

An order may not be accepted if the purchased products have undergone price changes, lack of availability or if we ascertain the lack of good faith on the part of the buyer.

The availability of the material is expressly indicated in each product sheet or, in the event that the desired items are not immediately available, the working days of waiting necessary to process the order. It can rarely happen that one or more items - currently available - are out of stock due to orders placed simultaneously by different customers. In the event of a situation of this type, we will immediately notify the customer indicating the working days of waiting necessary for delivery.

The prices we charge for our products are listed on the site.

We reserve the right to change our prices for products displayed at any time and to correct pricing errors that may inadvertently occur.

Due to the numerous products marketed, it is not possible for us to have every product on sale in stock (for this we indicate the availability in each product sheet) but we guarantee all possible efforts to minimize any waiting times, compatibly with the timing (necessary for the production of the product / s) imposed by our suppliers.

Occasionally it may happen that the manufacturer to whom we have ordered missing products has delays in delivering the ordered material. Unfortunately this is not under our direct control nor are we able to foresee this eventuality, however when this type of inconvenience occurs we immediately notify the customer waiting for the product / s who will have the right to choose whether to withdraw from the order or whether to wait further.

The consumer buyer undertakes and undertakes, once the "on line" purchase procedure has been completed, to print and keep these general conditions, whose prior viewing and acceptance is also a necessary condition for making the purchase, as well as the product specifications object of the purchase, and this in order to fully satisfy the conditions set out in Articles 52 and 53 of Legislative Decree 6 September 2005 n. 206.

Refund Policy

On Cobra Alloro you have up to 24 hours from receipt of the goods to open a refund procedure by sending an e-mail to the address:


In the e-mail it will be necessary to indicate as much detail as possible the defects that the product you wish to return presents. It is necessary that you provide a clear, detailed and concise description of the defect that the item presents in order to proceed with its refund.
You will also need to add the photos < span> of the object of the complaint in the attached files.
It will be necessary to provide the address where the goods must be collected,

It will be possible to make a complaint in the following cases:

• Order not received, for information on shipments that have not yet been received or for shipments in which all the packages sent have not been received (partial receipt ).

• Order Received, to communicate problems after having received all the packages of the order. Sending wrong, inexact documents, or the absence of them, will cancel the possibility of any type of complaint and the practice will be eliminated.

You will find all the required information on the packing list that is attached to all our shipments. It shows the order, the requested references, the stamps or numbers of the workers preparing the order (check control 1 and 2).

Phase 1

The package must be prepared in excellent condition and to do so, all the defective products must be placed inside a second large cardboard box, in addition to the package. It must be considered that the original boxes of the products must arrive intact, without adhesives or damage. For this, the reinforcement of the cardboard boxes and a good closure with adhesive tape is essential.

It will be necessary to attach the label that our system generates to print on each package. Do not forget to print and attach this label on each package containing the RMA number associated with the collection in question, the number of packages and an identification barcode.

The guarantee covers manufacturing defects and in no case does it cover wear or misuse. In the case of damaged packaging or with courier stickers, 100% of the value of the product will not be returned. For this reason it is important to reinforce the returned goods with another cardboard box so as not to damage the product.

Phase 2

After receiving the product in all its packages, each of them will be analyzed and when they have been checked, they will be replaced or refunded. Refunds will be made by bank transfer, so it will be necessary to provide, at a later time, the IBAN / SWIF code where the refund can be made. The verification and refund of the goods can take several weeks from receipt at our warehouse.

When is the money refunded?

Once the goods arrive at our warehouses, and after having checked them, we will proceed with the refund by bank transfer . It should be noted that the reimbursement operation could take several weeks to evaluate the goods received.

Order not withdrawn?

When an order is not collected by the recipient, it returns to the warehouse. After receiving it in the warehouse, it is managed automatically by the SAT team and goes to the administrative department.

The shipment of the order and its return to the warehouse incur transport costs.