Cobra Alloro Uadjit (Simone Teodoro) born in Rome, April 16, 1957, sculptor and artist, lives in Damanhur since 1978.

His master was Alfredo Baracco, a sculptor from Padua, a Buddhist. The meeting with Baracco brought Cobra Alloro to deepen and to get passionate about the knowledge of the sculptural art, both for the techniques and for all that concerns creative expression, a real method of active meditation-action.

In the realization of his works, the artist uses classical materials such as marble, ceramics, bronze, wood, but also composite materials such as young stone, a mixture of his own invention.

Cobra Alloro style recalls the soft shapes of classicism. His sculptures are hyperealistic, with a touch of modern interpretation of the sacred representation, proper of his training and spiritual research, where the art of sculpture is combined with a refined inner research made of harmony of forms, meditation and personal growth.


Among Cobra's realizations we mention

the colonnade of S. Lorenzo al Mare (IM), a structure composed of eight columns 4 m high, joined by arches, for a development of 22 m. The work represents in art the flood that hit the town in 1998 and is made of stoneware ceramic, painted with the engobe technique.

Portrait of female nude, life-size, terracotta. Swimming pool of "Il Pardo" in Turin.

Pan in bronze 120cm. Villa in Zurich.

Temple of Man: columns, statues, bas-reliefs in ceramic, young stone, bronze.

Columns, sculptures, statues on the outdoor territory of the Damanhur Federation.

Bas-relief at Damanhur Crea in Vidracco representing the Great Mother and the Peoples of the Earth.

Madonna for the Sanctuary of Leinì (TO).

Stoves in terracotta Mexican model

Tomb at the monumental cemetery of Turin.

Many are the works of the artist present in the gardens and villas of Piedmont, Aosta Valley, Liguria, Tuscany, Veneto, Switzerland, France.

Cobra has also worked in the field of stone restoration:

He participated in the restoration of the Minerva of Breno, an Hellenic marble statue of the 1st century AD, present at the Archaeological Museum of Cividate Camuno (BS). The most significant part of the restoration of the Minerva of Breno was the reconstruction of the missing head, performed by the artist in his own workshop inspired by the main existing Minerva. The restored work was exhibited at the "Brera" in Milan where the typology, not only conservative, of the restoration aroused interest.

Restoration at the Sanctuary of the Beata Vergine Addolorata of Cuceglio (TO)

Restoration and reconstruction of stone works of art, stuccoes and coats of arms at the Castle of Mazzè (TO).

Restoration of ancient paintings and frames at the Ducal Castle of Agliè (TO)

Stone restoration interventions at the "Lombroso" museum in Turin, on behalf of "Aurifolia".

Reconstruction of the 15th century altar of the church of Borgiallo (TO), on behalf of "Aurifolia".

Reconstruction and restoration of an 18th century fireplace in Bollengo (TO).

Reconstruction of 2 big local ceramic stoves, dated early 20th century, present in Villa Soleil in Colleretto Giacosa (TO).

Restoration of external facades and reconstruction and restoration of stuccoes and internal frescoes at Villa Aurora in Cintano (TO).

Prayer Stones:

Cobra Alloro crafts pendants of stones and crystals set in silver (900) where archetypal meanings of the Damanhurian Sacred Language are represented.


The artist built his own workshop in 1984 within the Federation of Damanhur Communities. Today his workshop is located in Vidracco within "Damanhur Crea".

Cobra Alloro organizes training courses of modeling and sculpture at different levels, a real school of art.

For information about courses write through the contact form on the site or call this phone number: 3485155710.