During Lockdown, in the months of March and April, finding myself like everyone else stuck at home, I decided to restore this statue of Pan. It is the first statue I made back in 1985.

The context of that period in Damanhur was really fascinating, we were in the middle of the Battle of Art with 6 teams competing with each other and all Damanhurians engaged in discovering their talents and building Damanhur.

During this great artistic revolution, I fell in love with sculpting and, being the year of the Pan's awakening , I decided to dedicate him a statue. It was my first important work.

After so many years exposed to the elements, the statue needed restoration and so I decided to give it a new life. The initial idea was to fix the cracks and surfaces but once I started the work I found myself rebuilding it completely.

I enlarged the head, the bust, redid the limbs, the base, the whole surface, and inserted a prayer in Sacred Language symbols on the back, writing on the side.

The prayer enunciates what the God's characteristics are. God of nature, connected to the vital energies of man, to the telluric lines of the planet, to the volcanoes and guardian of the Synchronic Lines, the flowing lines of our planet’s vital energies .

During the works I felt a very strong connection with this divinity. One day I felt myself being greeted, a deep and serious voice passed through me. On another occasion, I was working with a bad mood and inattention and the statue made me clearly understand that either I changed energy or I could not continue.

I am still finalizing the painting of the surface, soon it will be finished and ready for its function.