EXCHANGE OF WEALTH - Amazzonite, Baikal Lake
EXCHANGE OF WEALTH - Amazzonite, Baikal Lake

EXCHANGE OF WEALTH - Amazzonite, Baikal Lake

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The properties of amazonite are widely used for both enhancing artistic creativity and energy healing. It is an excellent stone for communication, confidence and leadership.

It  assists in balancing with the outside world and being less critical of others by working on the fourth chakra, the energy center at our heart level.

It encourages us to be willing to take risks,  working on the fifth chakra, the energy center of the throat and in doing so It helps us communicating ideas and emotions not being ashamed of our opinions

On a physical level, it improves the condition of the skin, smoothes wrinkles and through contact with this mineral will benefit arthritis, rheumatism and cervical.


The amazonite stone is connected with material energies, with physical and mental well-being and abundance, because of these characteristics the symbol engraved on this pendant is "Exchange of Riches". Archetypal sign of the sacred Damanhurian language  that has the power to improve communication, the exchange of positive energies and the sharing of wealth both material and spiritual.


Sacred Language is a form of language introduced by Falco Tarassaco - founder and spiritual guide of Damanhur - based on phonetic, ideogrammatic language and movement. According to Falco's teaching, it is an archetypal language, dating back to a time when humanity was master of all the deep meanings and values of existence. 

Damanhurian Prayer Stones are to be worn daily as pendants and are indicated to carry out specific works on the Chackra.

To enhance the effect of the stone it is recommended to hold it in your hand, close your eyes and visualize the symbol for one minute. This operation can be repeated several times a day.


Our crystals are energetically prepared through a Selfic structure called Spheroself which intervenes on synchronicity.

By the process of linking the Spheroself with the Prayer Stones, it is possible to connect these to the particular frequency of an individual. This procedure amplifies the power of the symbols in Sacred Language engraved on them, making them precious instruments of energetic support.

For this reason, once you have purchased the product, I ask you to send the date of birth and full name of the person who will wear the stone in order to prepare it on his or her frequency.

If you want to find out more about Selfica:


Cobra Alloro is an Artist, Spiritual Researcher of the Federation of Communities of Damanhur. He has contributed, through the creation of sculptural and ceramic works, to the realization of the Temples of Humanity.

In the territories of the Community there are several works made by him: Statues depicting Deities, Columns and Capitals, Fountains and much more. 

Cobra knows very well the esoteric meanings of the symbols of the Sacred Damanhurian Language and uses this language to express spirituality through art.

Each stone is ritually prepared through selfic procedures  in order to resonate on the frequency of the person who will own it.