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HEALER - Coriniola Africa

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Carnelian has been known since ancient times. The ancient Egyptians associated it with the goddess Isis because of its red color. The goddess, finding the limbs of her beloved husband Osiris, killed by her brother Set, recomposed them, bringing him back to life. Vital and energetic properties are attributed to this stone. It is particularly able to instill courage to face one's fears.

It helps the soul to identify with the physical plane, releasing any blocked energies, it also grants stability, concentration and creativity supporting in this way the realization of practical goals. On an emotional level it helps the management of one's emotional state.

Sacred Language  was introduced by Falco Tarassaco - founder and spiritual guide of Damanhur - based on phonetic, ideogrammatic and movement language. According to Falco's teaching, it is an archetypal language , dating back to an era in which humanity was the master of all the deep meanings and values ​​of existence.

This pendant is engraved with the symbol in Sacred Language Healer , which enhances the vital and energetic properties of the stone and its ability to cure and heal.


Damanhurian Prayer Stones are to be worn daily as pendants and are suitable for carrying out specific works on Chackra.

To enhance the effect of the stone, recommends taking it in your hand, closing your eyes and viewing the symbol for a minute. This operation can be repeated several times a day.


Cobra Alloro is an Artist, Spiritual Researcher and Instructor of the Damanhur School of Meditation . He contributed, through the creation of sculptures and ceramics, to the creation of the Temples of Humanity.

In the territories of the Community there are several of his works: Statues depicting Divinities, Columns and Capitals, Fountains and much more.

Cobra studied in depth the esoteric meanings and symbols of the Sacred Damanhurian Language and uses this language to express spirituality through art.

Damanhurian Prayer Stones are prepared according to the frequency of those who will own them and shipped free of charge throughout Italy in 48h. 

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