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The properties of Labradorite and its iridescent green color have the power to positively influence the heart chakra by opening it not only to emotions and empathy, but  also to the connection to the subtle worlds and the intelligences belonging to realms different from the human one.


The power of this crystal is greatly enhanced by the engraving of symbols in sacred language.

The symbol in Sacred Language engraved on this stone is "Plant Consciousness", a sign that has the power to promote an elevation of the frequency vibration of the wearer in order to create a spiritual opening to the plants kingdom and the whole world of Nature Spirits connected to them.

This precious tool will surely allow one to experience the plant world, the forests and the spirits that live in it in ways previously unknown.

Sacred Damanhurian language is an ancient language that belongs to the esoteric tradition, an ancestral and archetypal idiom that according to Damanhurian philosophy existed even before our modern languages began to specialize and dates back to an era in which humanity was the master of all the profound meanings and values of existence

It is a language of power and is defined as sacred because it is a bridge in translating human concepts into divine signs.

Who consciously uses this language acts on the physical and subtle world, it is in fact a magical and ritual  languag whose signs, sounds and movements have direct action on the living.

Signs in sacred language give an enormous power to the properties of crystals on which they are engraved, entering into resonance with them, influencing and enhancing their frequency and vibration and transforming them into catalysts and attractors of synchronic events, useful for the evolution of the person who wears them


Damanhurian Prayer Stones must be worn daily as pendants and are suitable for carrying out specific works on the Chackra.

To enhance the effect of the stone, it is advisable to take it in your hand, close your eyes and visualize the symbol for one minute. This operation can be repeated several times a day.


The connection of the jewel with the person who will wear it will be further increased by a particular energetic preparation, the result of Damanhurian innovative approach to spiritual technology, Selfica, an ideal ally to amplify our potential, an art-science based on the basic form of our universe, the spiral, and on a specific and rigorous mathematics of shapes and proportions.

Through a process of connection between this Selphic device and the chosen crystal it is possible to connect the jewel to the particular frequency of an individual. This procedure amplifies the power of the symbols in the Sacred Language engraved on the stones, making them precious energy support tools.

For this purpose, we ask those interested to send us their data (full name and date of birth) necessary for connecting the crystal with the individual's frequency.

If you want to find out more about Selfica:


Cobra Alloro is an Artist, Spiritual Researcher of the Federation of Communities of Damanhur. He contributed, through the creation of sculptures and ceramics, to the realization of the Temples Of Humankind.

In the territories of the Community there are several  of his works: Statues depicting Divinities, Columns and Capitals, Fountains and much more

Cobra knows in depth the esoteric meanings and symbols of Damanhurian Sacred Language and uses them to express spirituality through art.

For more information call this number 3485155710 or write me an email through the contact form, follow this link: