The Sculpture Courses take place in my laboratory at Damanhur Crea. I have been teaching Basic, Unarmed and Advanced courses for individuals and groups for many years.

The course for the creation of one's personal statuette takes place monthly, an important element for the Damanhurian initiatory path.

New initiates model clay and create a sculpture representing themselves and it is very fascinating to see how people imagine themselves and how they wish to appear in this form.

I teach the techniques needed for clay modeling and painting and help people find their artistic inspiration.

The workshop where the courses are held is and was the place where many of the sculptures present in the Temples of Humanity took and take shape. A place full of life and unforgettable experiences that vibrates with the right frequency to create art.

The sculpture courses are for individuals and groups, the techniques used for the creation of works in the Temples of Humanity and in the Damanhurian territories are taught and a personal relationship is established with people aimed at finding the unique style of each participant.

Many students have participated and actively participate in the creation of Cobra's works so much so that a real working group has been formed where in addition to the passion for art there is a strong bond of friendship between the participants.

For information on courses contact me through the contact form of the site or call this number: 3485155710.